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What is a microgreen?

In simple terms it is a baby plant that is harvested just before or after the first true leaves appear on the plant.

What do you grow?

Currently we are focused on microgreens but will over time expand to hydroponically grown produce like  tomatoes and kale.

Are your products organic?

We do not currently hold USDA organic certification. However we do not use any fertilizers when growing our microgreens. We as well do not use any pesticides on any of our products.

Are microgreens good for you?

Yes. They are packed with micro nutrients and provide a number of other potential health benefits.

Click on each product below to see a list of each plants nutrients.

Do I have to come to the farm to buy microgreens?

You may come to the farm during business hours or you can order right from your phone, tablet, or computer and have our microgreens delivered right to your door.

Door delivery

Get the greens you want brought to you.

If we don't have the greens you want ready to go just give us some time and we will happily grow it to order for you. Let us know what you want and we can let you know when it can be ready!

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Image by Sophie Dale